Croma Design Studio – Clovis Romano


Are you seeking top-notch industrial and digital design services? From the initial research phase to the final 3D prototyping and production, I provide end-to-end solutions that will elevate your product's concept to reality.

Clovis Romano, founder of Croma

Professional Journey

My professional journey commenced seven years before the establishment of CROMA. During this time, I honed my skills as an industrial and digital designer in prominent design institutions in France, the Netherlands, and Italy. Throughout this experience, I curated a diverse portfolio of products tailored for global markets, placing particular emphasis on the U.S.

A Holistic Approach

I distinguish myself in each project through my expertise in every stage of product development. I initiate the process with a comprehensive strategic analysis of the market, brand, and its environment. This is followed by ideation, design, and the eventual production of the product. What consistently motivates and engages me in my profession is communication – not only with my clients but also with each of the stakeholders and teams involved in the project. My effectiveness in harmonizing the diverse perspectives of stakeholders culminates in the creation of a tangible product with significant added value.

Laser Sharp Vision

Every project is distinct, requiring personalized attention. Clients may engage the studio to differentiate their new products with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness, while others seek assistance for the swift development of new collections. Some projects demand additional innovation, necessitating precise and novel technical solutions. Leveraging my experience across diverse industries and company sizes, I excel at adapting to the unique needs of each request and situation.

Technical Aspects

By leveraging various production methods, techniques, and materials in my projects, I’ve cultivated a discerning ability to make crucial decisions at opportune moments throughout the development process. Recognizing that every project carries inherent risks, I possess the expertise to effectively manage them. Through a comprehensive approach and iterative design processes, we will collaboratively navigate these challenges, ensuring your active involvement at each stage.

Craft Excellence, Deliver Quality

The blueprint for a successful product entails a synergistic combination of stages in an iterative process, culminating in captivating aesthetics, enduring engineering, seamless manufacturability, precise assembly, and concluding with meticulous prototyping for rigorous testing. My enriched toolbox, developed over the years, encompasses these elements, which I adeptly adapt with pragmatism and finesse to deliver a product that will distinguish itself in the market.

If your company is prepared to delve into the exciting realms of collaboration and innovation, I invite you to connect with me directly via email at For a more streamlined experience tailored to your specific needs, you can also locate me on Fiverr. Whether you envision a customised project or a broader design journey, I am here to turn your ideas into reality. Let’s embark on this creative expedition together, where the possibilities are boundless.